Jazz Violinist Regina Carter Performer Extraordinaire!

High accolades to Regina Carter's exquisite expression of jazz on the violin. I was taken in by her awesome stage presence and performance to the point that I was in tears because my heart was deeply touched. Her grandeur performance was so personal to me because the violin was the first instrument I was formally trained as a youngster. I recall years and years of studies, practice, rehearsals, performances from elementary through high school.

Violinists are known mainly to perform in a highly structured, sheet music environment. This wasn't the case at this concert but this was an adventure that took every listener into another dimension that shifts the paradigm of those that associate a violin in a classical ensemble with overtures, minuets, and numbered movements.

Ultimate improvisation was clearly heard and felt as this violinist extraordinaire poured herself out from within the core of her being. Swinging her violin was done with passion with the bow soaring back and forth across this 4-stringed instrument was fascinating to behold. I'm even more inspired than ever to continue my music theory studies focusing on improv and contemporary jazz more than ever now!

For anyone, who hasn't seen Regina perform, I highly recommend you attend one of her concerts accompanied with her 4-bandmember team. I guarantee you won't be disappointed but will gain an added appreciation for the expression of jazz with this totally LIVE stringed instrument performed by this fascinating jazz artist!


Blogger Sandra said...

Hey Missy, i can see you figured out about the neocounter thing, cool girl :)

9/20/2005 6:36 PM  
Anonymous missy said...

hi sandra...thanks so much for sharing neo. :) i was trying to access the board feature of neo but i don't think the link was working. i'll try again later.

have a great day! o, btw, you still thinking about studying piano?

9/21/2005 5:19 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

I really should to try, is my father´s dream, i´ll think about it ;)

9/21/2005 1:09 PM  
Anonymous missy said...

what is your dream in respect to music though?
you want to live out your dream...unless your dream is to do exactly what your father wanted you to about music with the piano!

9/21/2005 2:27 PM  

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