JUST RIGHT Radio is Jammin...

For your contemporary jazz listening pleasure, check out the JUST RIGHT link!


Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah, my favorite DJ Billy G, I listen to just Right Radio. I listen while I'm reviewing a new case for work or one tht I have completed. After all day of listening to attorneys' motion and objection I go home and turn on Live 365 Just Right with Billy G. The music is relaxing while working on my rulings. Bliiy G Just Right station has introduced me to some gret artists as well. Right on Billy G you know what's going on. Missy you're right "Just Right Radio is Jammin"

Peace & Love

2:29 PM
missy said...

hi janet,
i'm liking the cool jazz as well as the reggae too! the most favorite of course are the paul taylor tracks ... but i'm also checking his mix with the ripps, walter beasley, doc powell, boy katindig, etc., etc. the lists goes on and on and on..

much success to JUST RIGHT radio!!!

2:55 PM

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