Stress Ridden?

I heard something very interesting on the radio this morning about stress. It was said that those who play or practice on musical instruments compared to those that don't play musical instruments have no or a lesser degree of stress.

I actually heard contemporary jazz artist, Dave Koz and another LA radio station host discuss this. If this is really true as the "experts" say, we need more people opening those old instrument cases and start blowing that horn, strumming those guitar strings, banging on that tamborine or playing on whatever instrument it takes to get rid of stress.

I know I'm happy & stress free when I'm playing music! Something to think about.


missy said...

got your blog acceptance reply saxymandi. thanks so much girl!!!

5:01 AM
saxymandi said...

does this mean im in????????
That happened easy!

8:28 PM
saxymandi said...

Its working!
This is really neat Missy!
Thanks much for including me!

8:29 PM
missy said...

cool blogging mandi!!!
isn't this fun, fun, fun? :D

9:32 PM
saxymandi said...

Hmm ..Missy, i for 1 dont always have a sressfree pracice.
If im trying to get something memorized and i did have it a few days before..but somehow ,somewhere it is up & gone from my head , i tend to getlow on patience.
I also just get zapped of energy at times..brain dead...
Does this happen to anyone else?
It has just happened!
I;ll tackle it again.

2:19 PM
missy said...

i think i know what you're talking about mandi. it's stress free when you're just playing around having fun... but when i'm working on a specific phrase i'm trying to get down and i hit the wrong note...i'm like come on missy you can do this girl...and i'll go over it as many times as it takes to get it just right. then when i get it down the way i want it to's all good again! :)

2:56 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Missy,

Yes, I think playing music is a good way to relieve stress! Take out you instrument and play on.

The Mad Scientist

6:54 PM
missy said...

hi mad scientist

yea, that's the on! :D

cool seeing your post here!!

11:10 PM

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