Launching Out Into the World of Blog!!!


My first blog post. Definitely something new for me to do. I'm all for something new and exciting...especially if it's promoting something I like and it gives me thrills.

One of my latest thrills was attending a jazz concert in Milwaukee. Great meeting friends there. We all had a blast at two LIVE
Paul Taylor concert shows.

Next stop? Southern California beginning the first weekend of September. So many choices: Soul Ballet, Jeffrey Osborne, Euge Groove, Bob Baldwin, Spyro Gyra and The Braxton Brothers. Out of these group of artists, I've only seen Jeffrey perform LIVE.


CJ said...

the site looks nice

10:05 PM
Friendgirl1 said...

Wow, I'm new to this world of blog but what a cool idea & site!

11:04 PM
missy said...

cool posts from cool people. wonderful!!

4:56 AM
missy said...

got your nice blog comment, leilani.
thank you much! this blog thing is a new venture for me. i'm kinda getting the hang of this and liking it too.

aloha...i wanna visit hawaii again. :)
been too long.

6:38 AM
ptsax said...

hey missy, nice blog! thanks for blogging me too. very cool.

1:31 PM
ptsax said...

hey missy, nice blog! thanks for blogging me getting started.

1:32 PM
missy said...

no problemo, ptsax.
you're welcome up in here any time!

i think we got our blog on!!! :D

9:38 PM
saxymandi said...

when did this blog idea evolve?
never heard of it until our very own saxman..

8:09 PM
missy said...

1st post was sunday, august 21st. so that was just 3 days ago.

8:54 PM
jbk said...

Missy your blog is great.
I'm getting the hang of it how to post.

2:36 PM

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