An "Exotica" Island Love Story

The following story was written by me June 2004 and inspired from a few titles of songs recorded by contemporary jazz saxophone artist, Paul Taylor.


Not long ago, there was a young maiden from the "Exotica" island near the "Enchanted Garden" of the South Pacific. This island looked rather small from an "Aerial" view but down below it was an oasis of tropical delights with exotic fruits, vegetation, springs with waterfalls, beaches and floral scents everywhere.

The young maiden lived within a small village of beautiful people amidst other villages that "Thrive" on making their island a "Dream Come True" away from home communal to those that "Come Over" from far away places. The "Allure" of this island was also a frequent "Till We Meet Again" and "Runaway" place for the "Pleasure Seeker" at heart. It was common to see couples together in an "Hypnotic", "Dream State", sliding through a "Velvet Rope" whispering sweet somethings to each other with "Sunshine" smiles aglow and "My Love" thoughts in their hearts.

Because the young maiden was very amorous toward the beauty of nature, she had a tendency to "Fade Away", "Deeper" into the island springs and she just loved to "Free Fall" into the flowing showers of the island's "Real Surreal" waterfalls. After coming out of her "Dream State" she begins to realize that she has a "Long Way Home". She thinks to herself…I don't mind it at all and continues "Movin' On" her long journey back home.

One particular day as she is out on her adventurous journey, she comes upon a clear blue water spring. As she kneels and looks intently into this pool of blue as if it were a "Looking Glass" she has the strongest feeling in her heart and hears these words, "Someone Watching Over You". These words woo her and capture her senses so intensely that she holds her breath for a second and then listens intently and hears this time the words the "Time Is Now".

She knows within her exactly what this means. So she stands and listens again intently and she hears a song "On the Horn". A song she has heard many a times in her dreams. A song, she says of my "My Love" beckoning me. She hears him howling with a loud yell from the west and hears the sound of his horn, so she turns toward his sound. She hears the strong rhythm of his heart and his song (the cry of his heart) "Looking for Eve" so she turns and follows his heart and the sound of his song for she says in her heart, Oh how I long to be "Alone with You". He cries out again for his Eve and blows his horn…and she continues to follow his sound and his heart. As he begins to sense his Eve drawing near to him and he sees her coming, he watches her very intently "Undercover", listening to his own heart as he watches her every step & her every move…and he is pleased by her and his heart smiles and is glad.

As they come face to face and heart to heart for the first time, they begin speaking heart to heart "I Want Your Love" with their eyes…through the window of their soul… and as they walk through life together, they enjoy each other through "Groove Zone" because they both love to groove. They also both reveal their romantic heart tendencies to one another during their own private "Twilight Ride" and then again "When the Morning Comes" at the "Summer Park" with warm syrup made from "Raw Sugar".

One late "Tuesday Afternoon" while riding in a "PT Cruiser", they saw a port on the other side of the "Cantina" near the "Hacienda" and decided to take love "Flight 808", to another "Enchanted Garden". Their flight arrives just in time for a beautiful view of a sun setting beach of which the onset brings on those "Deeper", intimate longings they have for one another.

So they live happily ever after doing all the things that bring them longevity and wealth, being lavished in each other's love always and forever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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All the best John

9/15/2005 3:49 PM  
Anonymous missy said...

hi john,
thanks for visiting. i'll check your site out since i'm into learning as much as possible about good health!

9/15/2005 4:58 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Hey Girl, thanks for visiting me, i just love your blog, my father is retired now, but all his life he was a musician, he used to play trompet, i grew up listening jazz, i will talk to him about
Well, i hope u back to my blog, i´ll back here for sure.
Have a great day!!!:)

9/17/2005 10:41 AM  
Anonymous missy said...

hey sandra... :)
what a nice surprise!! glad you came by to visit and like my blog. how neat that your dad was a musician ... i didn't get into jazz until i became an adult.

you can be sure i'll be back to your blog as i had already bookmarked it when i first visited it and i'm thrilled you'll be back here too.

you might like my other blog too. it's called
The Silky Smooth Comforts Place

let me know what you think.

take care and peace always...

9/17/2005 12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Missy, what an imagination. you need to start your own romance novel girl!

9/17/2005 12:28 PM  
Anonymous missy said...

i appreciate the very inspiring thought about starting a romance novel as i am a romantic and love creative writing and poetry a lot!

9/17/2005 12:39 PM  

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