Catalina Island Jazz Festival Tickets!!!

Just received my tickets for the last day at the 2005 Catalina Jazz Trax Festival!!

I've never have been to this festival but a few individuals have shared good things about this event with me. I've heard it's about 45 minute boat excursion away from the Los Angeles Harbor. A mini getaway so to speak away from the hustle-bustle lifestyle that can be experienced every day that I have been so accustomed to. Hey, I'm ready for this jazz trax getaway!

As many may recall, we were all disheartened and saddened about the passing of Luther Vandross but my heart smiled after I heard that the last show of this festival will be highlighted with a tribute honoring Luther and his numerous songs and love ballads he has so blessed us with. Just earlier today, I was listening to one of his ballads entitled "So Amazing" and it still sounds so fresh and soothing as ever like it did when I heard it for the very first time. Luther's music will truly live on in our hearts.

Rest in peace Luther! FOREVER FOR ALWAYS FOR LUTHER...

If anyone is interested in more details about the Catalina Island Jazz Festival and the performing artists, please see the side bar link referencing this event. I'm sure I'll share more about my Catalina Island jazz concert adventure later. I heard that even the legendary Grover Washington, Jr. performed at this very festival years ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/30/2005 5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous missy said...

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8/30/2005 8:43 AM  
Anonymous missy said...

hi jack,
this blogger isn't set-up for selling products but please see my previous post about another platform for retail items i just may be developing soon.

this blogging can go in so many different directions!! cool.

i hope you are checking out the jazz oriented links...check out the JUST RIGHT radio link and tune in!!

take care...

8/30/2005 8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are in for the treat of your lifetime. Catalina Jazz
Fest has been around for a long, long time. My daughter converted me to jazz. She used to listen to Art Goode on the radio, when she was just a kid. When she got a little bit older she would always dream of going to Catalina to the JF. ...Finally in 1998 we went out to Catalina for the first time. We went for the full weekend and had a blast beyond words. The next year we were there again and that weekend was also very memorable. The one bad thing about it is they are very strict about cameras and about people up and dancing. They will not allow it. I understand that now they have a designated area for the fans to dance. They do meet and greet with all the artists...
Sorry for being so long winded.

9/01/2005 11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do I get on a site like that?
As you may know, Los Angeles doesn't have the Jazz night like the old days.
Me, I'm an Organist. And I don't take a back seat to know one..........Well almost no one.
I enjoy what I do and what I play.
"The Mighty Hammond B-3" Organ"
I see I need to take a little visit to Texas to see how's Ya'lls a doin".


9/01/2005 11:54 AM  
Anonymous missy said...

i appreciate the feedback on catalina jazz fest. now i'm really, really, really looking forward to it. bummer about the camera restrictions but i hope during meet and greet artists there will be an opportunity for photos.

9/01/2005 4:51 PM  
Anonymous missy said...

hi wl,

glad you like the blog! :)
you ought to start one and converse about things that really interest you.

jazz seems to still be happening in los angeles. i surf the web a lot and notice the WAVE radio advertises live jazz at Spaghettini, Garden of Eden every wednesday night, those summer jazz concerts in newport beach & san diego.

this labor day weekend south bay's 3rd annual jazz fest in inglewood and oh my just found out that doc powell & other jazz and gospel artists are performing on friday, sept 2nd in los angeles.

Alright now with the "The Mighty Hammond B-3" Organ player!!! Awesome :D

9/01/2005 5:07 PM  
Blogger jazzofonik said...

Very good link to the Festival and a good job overall with your blog. I'm more of a hard bop guy at heart but good music is good music

9/05/2005 11:31 AM  
Anonymous missy said...

thanks, jazzofonik for your words regarding my blog. more power to the hard bop guy at heart! you know, there is so much good music out there to appreciate.

jazz forums and blogs are a great tribute to all the fine artists out there that pour out there heart and soul to please their listeners. i know i have my favorites and will continue to support those delightful sounds that grab my heart.

9/05/2005 8:58 PM  
Blogger saxymandi said...

Well said Missy!

hard stuff!
You play?

9/14/2005 2:19 PM  

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