LIVE Hot Cuban Jazz with Eddie Palmieri!!

I recently enjoyed myself while watching and listening to this great bandleader for the first time who among many music recognitions also holds seven Grammy Awards with his first being within the Best Latin Album category!

At a young age he was influenced mostly by jazz, latin, & afro-carribean music but also says that Cuban music provides him with the fundamentals from which he never moves or alters his course. As a man of short stature, he performs many of his songs onstage at the piano while standing but he offers the audience great zeal, excitement & enthusiasm about his wonderfully energetic & spiced up music.

We, in the audience, at his urging willingly gave great support with the latin flavored rhythmic hand clap to accompany his 5-piece percussion & horn playing band members. The audience participation elevated this LIVE salsa experience to a degree that I believe everyone had an added pep in their step that night!!!


Blogger Sandra said...

Here i am again, i wish so much to play piano, my father begged me but i didnĀ“t want to learn when i was young, now, i think is too late! :(

9/18/2005 1:54 PM  
Anonymous missy said...

hey sandra!

glad you came're welcome here any time.

piano is cool. i played around with that as a youngster too because it seems all my friends & some family were always involved in music in some way and they used to show me stuff.

but no, it's never too late! i picked up the flute as an adult and i'm not too least those that have heard me say so! ;) but there is always room for me to improvement i say!

hey, if you want to learn to play...get started girl!!! i read that playing a musical instrument(s) reduces stress! hey, i'm for removing stress any day. :)

9/18/2005 4:41 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Reduces stress??? wow.... then i should to think about the possibility to learn all the musical instruments... i have a lot of stress to reduce
But maybe i really try to learn something!!
Well, time to go to the bed... kisses :)

9/18/2005 8:42 PM  
Anonymous missy said...

sandra, you're funny girl! :D

what musical instrument interests you the most?

i remember in elementary school the flute was my first choice but i started with the violin because of a friend but then she dropped out and for some reason my father wouldn't let me switch to the flute. i didn't like that at the time but when i became an adult and could afford to purchase my own flute, i did.

i started learning to play seriously with a private instructor at a conservatory of music school in los angeles. i was so excited I played in a band in college i was enrolled in at the time and in another band. i do independent music studies now. i'm sure eventually i'll play in a band again but the timing has got to right.

goodness, i got quite wordy about this. the passion for performing in stirring deeply within me again. i think it's really stirring now because i saw a contemporary jazz violinist perform this past weekend. i'm wired!!!! :D

9/19/2005 5:42 AM  

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