Catalina Island Jazz Festival Tickets!!!

Just received my tickets for the last day at the 2005 Catalina Jazz Trax Festival!!

I've never have been to this festival but a few individuals have shared good things about this event with me. I've heard it's about 45 minute boat excursion away from the Los Angeles Harbor. A mini getaway so to speak away from the hustle-bustle lifestyle that can be experienced every day that I have been so accustomed to. Hey, I'm ready for this jazz trax getaway!

As many may recall, we were all disheartened and saddened about the passing of Luther Vandross but my heart smiled after I heard that the last show of this festival will be highlighted with a tribute honoring Luther and his numerous songs and love ballads he has so blessed us with. Just earlier today, I was listening to one of his ballads entitled "So Amazing" and it still sounds so fresh and soothing as ever like it did when I heard it for the very first time. Luther's music will truly live on in our hearts.

Rest in peace Luther! FOREVER FOR ALWAYS FOR LUTHER...

If anyone is interested in more details about the Catalina Island Jazz Festival and the performing artists, please see the side bar link referencing this event. I'm sure I'll share more about my Catalina Island jazz concert adventure later. I heard that even the legendary Grover Washington, Jr. performed at this very festival years ago.


JUST RIGHT Radio is Jammin...

For your contemporary jazz listening pleasure, check out the JUST RIGHT link!


Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah, my favorite DJ Billy G, I listen to just Right Radio. I listen while I'm reviewing a new case for work or one tht I have completed. After all day of listening to attorneys' motion and objection I go home and turn on Live 365 Just Right with Billy G. The music is relaxing while working on my rulings. Bliiy G Just Right station has introduced me to some gret artists as well. Right on Billy G you know what's going on. Missy you're right "Just Right Radio is Jammin"

Peace & Love

2:29 PM
missy said...

hi janet,
i'm liking the cool jazz as well as the reggae too! the most favorite of course are the paul taylor tracks ... but i'm also checking his mix with the ripps, walter beasley, doc powell, boy katindig, etc., etc. the lists goes on and on and on..

much success to JUST RIGHT radio!!!

2:55 PM


Stress Ridden?

I heard something very interesting on the radio this morning about stress. It was said that those who play or practice on musical instruments compared to those that don't play musical instruments have no or a lesser degree of stress.

I actually heard contemporary jazz artist, Dave Koz and another LA radio station host discuss this. If this is really true as the "experts" say, we need more people opening those old instrument cases and start blowing that horn, strumming those guitar strings, banging on that tamborine or playing on whatever instrument it takes to get rid of stress.

I know I'm happy & stress free when I'm playing music! Something to think about.


missy said...

got your blog acceptance reply saxymandi. thanks so much girl!!!

5:01 AM
saxymandi said...

does this mean im in????????
That happened easy!

8:28 PM
saxymandi said...

Its working!
This is really neat Missy!
Thanks much for including me!

8:29 PM
missy said...

cool blogging mandi!!!
isn't this fun, fun, fun? :D

9:32 PM
saxymandi said...

Hmm ..Missy, i for 1 dont always have a sressfree pracice.
If im trying to get something memorized and i did have it a few days before..but somehow ,somewhere it is up & gone from my head , i tend to getlow on patience.
I also just get zapped of energy at times..brain dead...
Does this happen to anyone else?
It has just happened!
I;ll tackle it again.

2:19 PM
missy said...

i think i know what you're talking about mandi. it's stress free when you're just playing around having fun... but when i'm working on a specific phrase i'm trying to get down and i hit the wrong note...i'm like come on missy you can do this girl...and i'll go over it as many times as it takes to get it just right. then when i get it down the way i want it to's all good again! :)

2:56 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Missy,

Yes, I think playing music is a good way to relieve stress! Take out you instrument and play on.

The Mad Scientist

6:54 PM
missy said...

hi mad scientist

yea, that's the on! :D

cool seeing your post here!!

11:10 PM


Launching Out Into the World of Blog!!!


My first blog post. Definitely something new for me to do. I'm all for something new and exciting...especially if it's promoting something I like and it gives me thrills.

One of my latest thrills was attending a jazz concert in Milwaukee. Great meeting friends there. We all had a blast at two LIVE
Paul Taylor concert shows.

Next stop? Southern California beginning the first weekend of September. So many choices: Soul Ballet, Jeffrey Osborne, Euge Groove, Bob Baldwin, Spyro Gyra and The Braxton Brothers. Out of these group of artists, I've only seen Jeffrey perform LIVE.


CJ said...

the site looks nice

10:05 PM
Friendgirl1 said...

Wow, I'm new to this world of blog but what a cool idea & site!

11:04 PM
missy said...

cool posts from cool people. wonderful!!

4:56 AM
missy said...

got your nice blog comment, leilani.
thank you much! this blog thing is a new venture for me. i'm kinda getting the hang of this and liking it too.

aloha...i wanna visit hawaii again. :)
been too long.

6:38 AM
ptsax said...

hey missy, nice blog! thanks for blogging me too. very cool.

1:31 PM
ptsax said...

hey missy, nice blog! thanks for blogging me getting started.

1:32 PM
missy said...

no problemo, ptsax.
you're welcome up in here any time!

i think we got our blog on!!! :D

9:38 PM
saxymandi said...

when did this blog idea evolve?
never heard of it until our very own saxman..

8:09 PM
missy said...

1st post was sunday, august 21st. so that was just 3 days ago.

8:54 PM
jbk said...

Missy your blog is great.
I'm getting the hang of it how to post.

2:36 PM

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