A Living Legend: Herbie Hancock

Transcending the ages of time…Herbie Hancock still sounds good. Maybe some of you caught him perform on the keyboard ‘A Song for You’ during the 48th Annual Grammy awards last month. A historic moment it was while the vocals were provided by Christina Aguilera.

Born in Chicago, Herbie's roots in music began at a very early age. By the time he was eleven years of age, he performed Mozart’s Piano Concerto with Chicago’s Symphony Orchestra! His music acquired national acclaim after trumpeteer Donald Byrd discovered him and within three years of this discovery, Herbie launched his debut album ‘Takin Off’ and was subsequently invited to join the Miles Davis quintet. With numerous compositions to his credit, honors and awards even today his sound is known worldwide and is still as fresh and vibrant as it was several decades ago.

For more news on Herbie Hancock and his music visit his website here: Herbie Hancock Site

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