Quintin Gerard W...FNKY SAX

If you have heard BET's Comic View opening theme during the late 1990's - early 2000 or seen any MCI, LeviStrauss, Estee Lauder, or the Sears Kenmore TV commericals, you may have gotten a glimpse of the musical talent of sax player Quintin Gerard W.

Along with his success via the tv medium, this artist has performed with some of the greatest in contemporary jazz such as Joe Sample, Jeff Lorber, Kenny Garrett, Najee, Dave Koz, Ron Brown, and Hollis Gentry III.

I recently became acquainted with Quintin upon receiving a copy of his debut album entitled Fnkysax in the mail. If you enjoy a nice mix of urban, jazz & rnb, you will find a lot of pleasure listening to this cd. The track 'Road Games' is my favorite jam on this cd but I also enjoy listening to 'Smooth Jazz Flavor' and the 'Opportunity' radio edit track quite a bit!

For more information about Quintin and his music, you will want to visit his website here => Quintin Gerard W

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