A Soulful Vocalist - Marilyn Scott!

I was recently contacted by a publicist of a smooth jazz vocalist named Marilyn Scott. With 10 albums to her credit, Marilyn recently released a new cd this year entitled "Handpicked" and I had the wonderful opportunity of listening to the entire cd as it was graciously sent to me by the artist’s publicist. Indeed, I am so grateful because I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the smooth, soulful voice of this jazz artist. The title of this album is appropriate as Marilyn actually handpicked these 16 tracks from a vast selection from her 10 years of recordings thus far.

I’m really not surprised that this cd appeals to me as she has worked with other musical talents that I adore such as George Duke on "Starting to Fall", “The Look of Love” and “I’m Calling You” tracks. It is also important to note that the arrangement of this “The Look of Love” on this cd was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Arrangement category back in 1997. Marilyn has also worked with other great musicians and/or vocalists such as Patrice Rushen, Brenda Russell, Layla Hathaway, Spyro Gyra amongst others.

The track “The Last Day” is very moving as it causes you to look at the important things in life and inspires you to give your best shot for ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment. One of my favorite tracks on this cd is “Understanding Love” because it takes you on a journey to make some sense of love and the way it affect the feelings and actions. There is no need to only take make word for it but you can find out first hand for yourself that this cd may just may take you places you want to go. Personally, I love it and hope to see her perform LIVE somewhere soon!

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