Cool Jazz Artists in Fox's American Idol Bands

Maybe some of you who are AI television viewers have noticed some awesome contemporary jazz artists playing LIVE in the AI bands.

Notable greats such as guitarist,

Paul Jackson, Jr.

and sax player

Gerald Albright

have been performing recently as AI finalists sing to win votes from fans to stay in the running from week to week. For the last four seasons, Paul Jackson Jr has been involved with AI.

Also, an eye opener for me was when I even saw Randy Jackson
(one of AI’s judges) jamming on his bass guitar at the
48th Annual Grammy Awards
as many other artists performed.


JVC Jazz Festival

The highly acclaimed JVC JAZZ FESTIVAL celebrates 23 years of presenting outstanding musical performances by legendary artists from around the world.

The 2006 JVC Jazz Festival will run from May through October 2006 and feature a diverse musical mix from legendary performers appearing in cities throughout the U.S. and around the world.

As the proud sponsor, JVC has helped this venerable and immensely popular event become a global celebration of extraordinary music, drawing renowned performers that have entertained an audience of over 3.5 million people worldwide. This year’s JVC Jazz Festival will bring live jazz to audiences in New York, Newport (RI), Miami Beach, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, Chicago, Paris, The Hague and Warsaw.

JVC’s longstanding involvement with jazz stems from the company’s audio industry heritage, which began in 1927 with the production of records and gramophones. JVC has since grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products, supplying the world with state-of-the-art audio and video components, including a full range of digital home theater and high definition video products.

The JVC Jazz Festival made its debut in 1984 when JVC teamed up with jazz impresario George Wein to create an event that for the past 21 years has been a driving force behind the growing popularity of jazz around the world.

“The JVC Jazz Festival allows people worldwide to enjoy great live music by some of the world’s most talented artists,” said Craig Geiger, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for JVC Company of America. “Our enduring sponsorship reflects our appreciation for great music and our commitment to provide people with the means to enjoy it – whether live through the JVC Jazz Festival or through the use of our products.”

2006 JVC Jazz Festival Calendar Link


A Living Legend: Herbie Hancock

Transcending the ages of time…Herbie Hancock still sounds good. Maybe some of you caught him perform on the keyboard ‘A Song for You’ during the 48th Annual Grammy awards last month. A historic moment it was while the vocals were provided by Christina Aguilera.

Born in Chicago, Herbie's roots in music began at a very early age. By the time he was eleven years of age, he performed Mozart’s Piano Concerto with Chicago’s Symphony Orchestra! His music acquired national acclaim after trumpeteer Donald Byrd discovered him and within three years of this discovery, Herbie launched his debut album ‘Takin Off’ and was subsequently invited to join the Miles Davis quintet. With numerous compositions to his credit, honors and awards even today his sound is known worldwide and is still as fresh and vibrant as it was several decades ago.

For more news on Herbie Hancock and his music visit his website here: Herbie Hancock Site


New HOT CD Releases for MARCH

Just Getting Started
Eric Darius
March 7th Release

The Radiant
Steve Oliver
March 21st Release

Pillow Talk
Pieces of a Dream
March 21st Release

Sweet Classic Soul
March 28th Release

New Beginnings
Gerald Albright
March 28th Release


2006 Jazz Festivals Worldwide

If you're a jazz lover like me, you're always
on the look out for a festival close to home or during your travels.
The following are website links of upcoming jazz festivals.


If you come across any festivals that aren't listed,
please drop me an email and I'll include the link as well.

Spring Jazz Fiesta (1 day)
Gateshead International Jazz Festival (3 days)
Cape Town International Jazz Festival (2 days)

Isle of Wight International Jazz (Divas) Festival (3 days)
Porthcawl Jazz Festival (1 day)
Swinging Jazz Party (3 days)

St Lucia Jazz Festival (4 days)
Newark Jazz Festival (3 days)
Les Trois Jours (3 days)
Bury St Edmunds Festival (17 days)
JVC Jazz Festival Miami (5 days)
Bath Fringe Festival (17 days)
Ken Colyer Trust May Jazz Parade (4 days)
Swaledale Festival (17 days)

Moers Festival - Germany (4 days)
Holywood International Jazz Festival (3 days)
San Antonio Art & Jazz Festival (2 days)
JVC Jazz Festival New York (2 days)
Lichfield Real Ale Jazz and Blues Festival (5 days)
Ronciglione Jazz Festival (40 days)
Montréal International Jazz Festival (12 days)

Fano Jazz by the Sea (7 days)
Copenhagen Jazz Festival (10 days)
Jazzsommer Graz (12 days)
JVC Jazz Festival Chicago (3 days)
Whitley Bay International Jazz Festival (3 days)
Omaha Riverfont Jazz & Blues Festival (2 days)
Molde International Festival (6 days)
Appleby Festival (3 days)

Brecon International Festival of Jazz (3 days)
Gaume Jazz Festival (3 days)
JVC Newport Jazz Festival R.I (3 days)
Ross Live! Festival (7 days)
Oslo Jazz Festival (7 days)
JVC Jazz Festival Concord and Los Angeles (2 days)
ZomerJazzFietsTour (2 days)
Red Sea Jazz Festival (4 days)

St Ives September Fringe Festival (17 days)
Guelph Jazz Festival (5 days)
Fishguard Jazz Festival (3 days)
Monterey Jazz Festival (3 days)
Jazz in Tbilisi (3 days)

Catalina Jazz Festival (3 weekends)
Jazz Brugge (4 days)
Hartford International Jazz Festival (3 days)

Tampere Jazz Happening (3-4 days)

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